What I’ve learned being a full-time angel investor in 1-year

Don’t go at it alone

Framtid Founders — Zak, Dara, Kim & Nick

Be very clear about what founders and companies you want to back:

Whether you’re planning on starting angel investing full-time or part-time, it is really helpful to think deeply about what kind of companies you want to invest in and spend your time with (if you plan to be an active angel, so to speak.) This will help guide your investment decisions and sift through companies that don’t necessarily fit your thesis.

  • Do they have a compelling founding story, and what is their purpose in doing what they are doing?
  • Do they have the hunger, and do they have something to prove? And will they work relentlessly to beat the rest of the competition?

Be ruthless with how you spend your time and prioritise:

Once you decide to transition into full-time investing, I can assure you that many people will reach out to meet and pick your brain on various topics. That is why it is crucial to structure and prioritise those meetings to avoid becoming overwhelmed and unproductive. The way I’ve structured it and how I prioritise my time is by categorizing them into three different groups.

  1. Acquaintances and industry friends — 20% of my time goes into meeting industry folks and catching up with acquaintances I’ve gotten to know over the years to have a close ear to the ground.
  2. Inbounds and people cold emailing me — and finally, the 10–20% of my remaining time goes into meeting new founders, operators, and other people reaching out for various reasons.



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