Building the Truecaller Brand & How to Choose the Right PR Agency

Building the Truecaller Story

At the beginning of every year I’d sit down with Alan and Nami to calibrate our goals and objectives for the year to understand what our big priorities are for the year. Having these sit-downs are crucial for us to align our communication priorities, and it’s important to have occasional check-ins to ensure we are building the right stories and headlines that help the company progress.

Truecaller Vision Roadmap 2016
Truecaller Brand Story w. support from BBH Stockholm
Truecaller Brand Manifest w. support from BBH Stockholm

Choosing a PR agency

Using PR agencies/consultants has been extremely important for us to reach new markets. Depending on which growth stage we are in a market we would prefer having different set ups. We typically would categorize markets into; early growth markets; growth markets; established markets.

  1. Ask my contact to make an intro to the agency or send them an email myself giving them a short version of the brief.
  2. Set up a first 30 min call with them. Goal of this call is to let them ask any questions, and explain in more details what you are after.
  3. If I find the call good I’d request them to put together a high level strategy as to how they would go about launching Truecaller in their market.
  4. Based on responses, plans, I’d set up an hour long video call with the top 2–3 agencies. Maybe have someone else from your team on this final round of calls.
  • The chemistry between the team that’s being assigned to the account. The same people doing the pitching NEED to be in the team. Sometimes agencies throw in their best people in the pitch process and then have other less senior people actually working on the account.
  • Their understanding of our service & products and being able to see how we fit into the big picture of the eco-system.
  • Having a good structured workflow + great execution skills!
  • Transparency of information sharing — Move fast!
  • Their ideas on: what are the obvious things we are missing? Where should we be seen?
  • Elaborate how & who we target consumer press vs. business press. What are they key media relations we need to build and cultivate?
  • Perspective and strategy on how we can build trust with the media.
  • Plan opportunities to engage with important eco-system players.
  • Tools and measurement techniques you have to monitor sentiment and conversations on digital/social media
  • Familiarity with the local + international media landscape.
  • Understand global + local tech eco-system.
  • Excellent relationships across the media landscape.
  • Challenge our thinking and taking the extra step to deliver a high quality outcome.
  • Most importantly understand Truecaller’s offering and vision, and how it can be communicated to the market.



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